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Technical Evangelist Opportunities at Microsoft

I’m looking for some new evangelists to join my team.  We currently have a couple open positions for Technical Evangelists focusing on the future releases of Windows Azure and Visual Studio.  You can find the job postings here:

I’ll be straight forward.  These are challenging positions.  A Technical Evangelist position is not for everyone.  We’re looking for a blend of deep development, leadership, communication, and creative skills.  Great technical evangelists have a blend of these skills.  Many other evangelists in the community today don’t meet our bar.  These positions are for an elite few.  Does this mean you must already be a great “evangelist” to apply?  No – absolutely not.  But you do need to have the right foundational skills and the desire to learn and grow. 

If you have what it takes then Technical Evangelism can be an very exciting and rewarding position at Microsoft.  Technical Evangelism plays a central role with the engineering, marketing, and field organizations to help release new emerging technologies.  We ultimately are responsible for influencing Microsoft’s technical strategy.  Drew Robbins, the lead for Visual Studio and Web Evangelism on my team, has posted a great blog entry with more details about the Technical Evangelist role

Do you think you have what it takes to join the team of elite Technical Evangelists?   Do you want to play a central role in the next major releases of Windows Azure, Visual Studio, and the .NET Framework?   Then please contact me.

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